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" This is the only place I am going to take my 2001 VW Passat!"
“La Vere’s stopped no shorter than amazing me with there friendly service, knowledge, and good honest service!
After my car was misdiagnosed at VW in walnut creek I came here. VW want to charge me nearly $600 to fix a leak in the transmission gasket when these guys figured out the problem was actutally coming from the oil drain plug gasket and the engine mounts were leaking. Two different things that VW didnt even see. My CV boots were also split something that the VW did note, when I brought it to LaVere Jason said probably need to do the axles too, well there tech looked at the joints and said they were fine and only the boots needed to be done. That just shows me how honest they are as a shop and they ended up charging half of what the dealership wanted.”

Patrick S.
Walnut Creek, CA
" Gary Lavere and his team are no short of amazing! Gary, Jason and the guys at Lavere’s are the only people who I will let work on my 2001 Jetta."

“I met Gary after I was told by a dealership that my engine needed replacing after it overheated. I had my car towed to Lavere’s after talking to Gary on the phone and trusting my gut. In two days, Jason called to say that my car was fixed (faulty water pump) and it was going to cost me roughly a quarter of what the dealer quoted me. I cried when I found out….then jumped for joy!

My Dad was a mechanic. I know the value of trusting the guys who look after your car. I have a six year old daughter….we need to be safe and my car needs to work. I will never trust anyone else to take care of my VW but Gary Lavere. They are honest, straight talking, do the right thing kind of folks.

Gary also referred me to Tom Robertson of Contra Costa Auto Body and Paint when my car was victim to a hit and run recently. Again, good people, great results.”

M’Lisa K.
Berkeley, CA


"If you are in the Concord area and have a VW or Audi – you’re fortunate!"
“I drive from Petaluma to have them work on my car.
I found these guys via the “Samba” website for classic VW enthusiasts. The reviews they garnered there were nothing less than glowing.
Gary ( La Vere) Jason and the guys are the best. They turned my classic bug (’78) back into a CA licensed car, found each and every problem and fixed it.
I love these guys!
PS – tell ’em Lynn recommended them!”

Lynn H.
Petaluma, CA


"I always seem to have VW or two in the driveway, needless to say they need parts and service from time to time."
“From my 1961 to the 2002 and everything in between those guys can fix it or get a good quality part if it is something I can do myself.

The new facility is nice and I am glad for them to be doing well.

Gary was a huge help to me during the restoration of my 61′ …original parts for that car are not always easy to find.”

Dave B.
Concord, CA


"This place specializes in VWs and they clearly know their stuff. " “I have a 1997 Jetta and have been having a lot of problems with it. The first place I took it to told me the transmission probably needed to be replaced. Later, I took it here and they said the problem wasn’t the transmission but rather the front control arms and motor mounts.

I don’t know much about cars. What I do know is that a new transmission would’ve cost me $1800 and it would not have solved the primary problem. They replaced my control arms and motor mounts and the now feels much more sturdy than it did before. The job cost me $1000. That’s still WAY more than I wanted to spend but I think they did a good job and charged me an honest price.

The car is still far from perfect, but that’s not the point. These guys were straight-up and honest. They told me the good news and the bad news. They got the job done quickly and were pleasant throughout. If you have a VW, I highly recommend you let La Vere take a look at it.”

Patrick S.
Walnut Creek, CA


"Honest, kind, helpful, informative and above all…. did not charge me an arm and a leg!"
“Ok, so the long version is this:
I bought my 2000 Jetta from Dirito Brothers in Walnut Creek (warning: do not use their service dept.) and had purchased their warranty thinking it was a good idea… which its not btw lol! Anyways… back to the story, I had noticed an oil leak about a week after I bought the car,they said bring it down and we will take a look. I was told oh its just the bolt was loose. Ok, I wrote that off as a hey, why not. Later, I noticed that the oil spot was getting bigger and not smaller, so I called and asked to have the leak taken care and also to change the oil. The guy Lenny told me that the nut holding the drain plug on was bad because whomever had serviced the car had done a bad job,which I informed him that they had done the service on the car So a month later, I see the oil spot again… and its bigger. Call up and have the car looked at, I am told by Lenny that now the oil pan is cracked and needs to be replaced to the tune of 600 dollars!!!! I cant afford it and so the car sat in my garage till I got tired of it. So to http://Yelp.com I go to see if anybody can recommend a good mechanic. Frank and Paul’s said go to La Vere’s as they are well thought of and should take care of me…. and boy where they right! From the friendly chat on the phone with Jason in regards to fixing the car, to the honest assessment of the oil leak … which by the way turned out to be the original issue…. my gasket for the drain was old and needed to be replaced. Instead of forking out $600 I was charged $40 plus labor .
I am going to be using these guys for all work on my car from now on!!”

bobon c.
Oakland Hills, CA


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