Why choose LaVere’s?

First, I want to say thank you for considering LaVere’s VW & Audi Only for your Audi or Volkswagen repair and maintenance. My staff and I realize you have many choices today for auto repair and we are grateful that you are looking into our shop.

Yes, there are many auto repair shops in the Bay Area for you to consider, so the real question is “Why should you choose LaVere’s?” Well, here are my answers to that question. We truly are a unique company, here is why:

We specialize in only working on Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. The cars are very similar if not exactly the same mechanically. Volkswagen actually owns Audi. Same part numbers and same diagnostics.

First of all please check us out on YELP.COM. Click here to check out the reviews.

Our service manager, Jason Bizzare, is an expert in VW & Audi auto repair and will provide you with just the right advice to help you make informed decisions for your auto service and repairs. Jason will take the time to explain all repairs needed. Even if you don’t quite understand what it is he is trying to explain, I’m sure you will appreciate him trying to help. He will try not to let you make any mistakes.

At LaVere’s, we believe that honesty is the best policy. Frequently, customers think they might need an expensive repair based on the someone else’s diagnosis. If it turns out a small part is needed or only a minor repair (or none), you can trust us to happily repair only exactly what is needed. We found out a long time ago that not selling you services or repairs you don’t need makes us more money in the long run by you knowing you can trust us. So many new customers come in saying their friend told them they HAD to come here that we know we are on the right track. We have personal as well as business integrity. We believe in KARMA and will not upset natures balance. We will choose to do what is right in every instance with every customer.

We happily provide a shuttle to and from Concord BART or locally within a few miles. Normally the owner, Gary LaVere will be happy to give you this ride himself.

We use the best quality parts and fluids to service and repair your vehicles. While some companies cut corners to save a few bucks and make more profit, we do not. We know that when we cut this corner, the customers suffer. We want our work to be dependable and perform the best for your vehicle. We have invested into equipment and technical resources heavily. We do this so that our technicians can service your car quickly and expertly. This saves you time and money, and makes sure your car is as safe and dependable as possible.

We promise to diagnose, service, and repair your VW or Audi as if or own family was riding in it. I drive an Audi and my adult daughters are driving newer Volkswagens. We do not take any more care with their cars than we will with your car. Our technicians also drive the same cars we service.

We use the latest in car diagnostic technology to quickly pinpoint the problem and our technicians are trained to be more efficient then ever so that you can get back on the road as fast as possible!

You are in 100% control of any work we do (or don’t do) to your vehicle. No bait and switch. No unneeded up sales. No hidden costs. You will be informed of all work to be done and provided with an estimate prior to performing the needed repairs as required by law.

We have a huge reputation in the industry for providing honest reliable specialized service for your VW & Audi. Check with another repair shop as to our reputation. Even if they do not know us, we are sure they can attest to our reputation. Check with any local tow companies and they will be able to attest to our customer loyalty.

If you have a problem, you can talk to me, Gary LaVere, the owner personally. Try calling VW or Audi and asking to talk with the CEO (if you can find him) about your problem. We can provide you with everything the dealer can (and more) at a cheaper rate AND we actually care about you and your car.